You Must Wear Sunscreen Every Day – Here’s Why

One product that should definitely be a part of everyone’s skin care routine throughout the year is, of course, sunscreen. Many people still feel like the only time sunscreen is needed is a day in the sun. However, this is incorrect. Everyone should wear sunscreen all year round! No matter the weather, rain or shine, you should use sunscreen daily as part of your skin care routine. We will explain why.

Sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays

Whatever your plans for the day, whether you stay indoors or go out, sunscreen is a must. Even though it’s overcast and cloudy. The reason is that sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays. These are rays that come from the sun and cause serious damage to our skin over time. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to increased aging, wrinkles, sunburns and, of course, skin cancer. About cloudy days: even if the weather is not sunny outside, around 80% of UV rays still pass through the clouds! Not to mention, even if you are indoors, UV rays pass through windows, so don’t feel comfortable without applying sunscreen first!

Sunscreen helps maintain an even skin tone

By preventing sun damage and the like, sunscreen helps prevent discoloration and dark spots resulting from sun damage. Naturally, this leads to an overall smoother and more even complexion. Plus, sunburns aren’t as innocent as they seem. In fact, some might think that the bad effects of a sunburn wear off as soon as the redness goes away, but this is not true. UV rays actually penetrate the skin down to its deep layers, where cells can be damaged or even killed.

Sunscreen prevents premature aging

As we mentioned, UV rays are a no-no for the skin. The damage they cause to the skin is called photoaging, which means that the skin can become leathery and thick over time. Apart from that, sun damage breaks down the collagen in the skin, which contributes to fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Studies have shown that people under the age of 55 who regularly apply sunscreen are 24% less likely to develop these signs of aging than those who do not.

Sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States By applying sunscreen every day, you will halve your chances of getting some form of skin cancer! It’s a huge difference and can save lives.

Sunscreen helps keep your skin overall healthy

According to dermatologists, the skin is overall healthier when sunscreen is used daily. When sunscreen is used, essential skin proteins such as keratin are protected. These proteins are primarily responsible for maintaining smooth and healthy skin both in appearance and function.

Pale people are at higher risk

It turns out that redheads are at higher risk of contracting skin cancer. We thought that was true thanks to their pale skin, but that’s not entirely correct. In 2013, studies revealed the mutation in the MC1R gene that creates red hair and fair skin in the first place. This mutation also created a carcinogenic pathway which, when exposed to UV rays, promotes a genetic tendency to develop cancer.