Why are you more sociable than you think

Do you see yourself as a social butterfly? Probably not, if the media has anything to do with it. Many of us believe that everyone has a better life than what we do because of what we see online. We compare ourselves unfavorably to friends, family and even strangers and conclude that we are not sociable enough. Well, if you’ve ever had this doubt hanging over you, maybe it’s time to stop and realize that you’re actually a lot more social than you think.

The downside of social media

It’s impossible to escape social media these days. If you don’t have an account on one site or another, you seem to be in the vast minority of people. These platforms are great for keeping in touch with others, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. Spending an hour browsing Instagram feeds can actually take a toll on your sanity.

Almost everyone uses social media to announce the good times in their life. Many people want others to envy what they have, so they paint their lives in a favorable light. It can be great for them, but when everyone on your feed is doing the same thing, it can really disappoint you. While you are sitting there in your pajamas eating ice cream, everyone is sunbathing on a beach or going on an adventure with their friends. Why can’t you be so sociable?

Why are you more sociable than you think

Do the research

A lot of research has been done to explore the reasons why we have feelings of social inferiority. Although these experiments come in different forms, they all produced broadly the same results.

It was identified in almost all of the studies that participants felt that their social life was lacking compared to that of other people. Things like how many parties they go to, how often they see their family, they almost always ranked lower than everyone else. In the eyes of these participants, the people they compared themselves to were part of the โ€œinโ€ crowd, as they sat neglected outside.

Analyze the results

The main result that the researchers could derive from these results was that the participants regularly judged their sociability based on the same defect. The people they compared themselves to were almost exclusively those prevalent on social media. These people always do the most social activities and are the hardest to avoid online, so it makes sense that they come to mind first. If you always compare yourself to people like this, then of course you will consider yourself less sociable.

Why are you more sociable than you think

Increase your sociability

If you are worried that you may not be social enough, it might be a good idea to stay away from social media. This probably sounds like an outrageous suggestion to some people, but it might be worth giving yourself some distance. Changing the people you see regularly on these platforms is also ideal, as it means you’re less likely to feel inferior after browsing your feeds. If someone still makes you feel bad about your sociability because of what they post, it might help to separate yourself from them.

Plus, it’s important to remember that your social life is as busy and vibrant as you want it to be. If you want to do more, you will. Otherwise, you have to remember that you are doing as much as you feel comfortable doing, and that is what matters. Don’t force yourself to go out and do something, especially if you’re not a big extrovert. It will only make you feel worse.

Ultimately, it’s the quality of your friendships that should take precedence over the quantity. If you are surrounded by people who love your business and invite you to do things, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with your social life. In our opinion, it is booming.