Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Instagram Photos

Have you posted tons of photos but not getting the views and attention you are looking for? Well, capturing the perfect Instagram photo with your phone is actually a lot harder than it looks. There are actually so many factors that go into capturing the perfect photo, it’s actually not just a click of a button. So if you are looking to improve your Instagram game then you have definitely come to the right place. Take a look at these great tips to help you create the most Instagram-perfect images.

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Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Instagram Photos

Shoot at the perfect time

Believe it or not, but when it comes to getting the perfect shot, it takes a lot of planning for the photography. One of the things to consider is the time of day. This is why so many professional photographers cherish the golden hour, it is the time of day when the sun makes every photo even more beautiful. Like most of the time at noon, it’s hard to get a good photo in direct sunlight.

Use natural lighting

If anything, this is the number one tip everyone should follow. Understanding how to use lighting when taking great photos with your phone, knowing that lighting is the absolute key to great photos is a must. If you are indoors, be sure to sit by a window and away from artificial light. If your photos are taken at night, avoid the flash and try to find the best light source in your surroundings, such as street lights. Remember that no amount of editing will ever be able to save a poorly lit photo.

Look for the ultimate backdrop

For those looking to capture the most perfect Instagram photo, it’s important that you find the best spot. If you’re serious about creating the craziest photos for your feed, start looking for the coolest walls in your city. However, there are also tons of ideas for keeping your Instagram in the know. Many experts have suggested that you just need to use your creative eye. You can also use brick walls, solid color walls, or even old doors.


For those who don’t know, composition is about everything that is included in the photo and how you position the subject in the frame. So, in order to be successful in composing your Instagram photos, there are a few things we need to keep in mind to make your images really stand out from the crowd. The most important thing to know is the golden rule of the “rule of thirds”. This is applied by aligning a subject with literal guidelines and their intersection points in squares, to allow an image to flow from one section to another and create the ideal energy and interest. Luckily, your phone is equipped with an amazing grid tool that does all of this for you. All you have to do is turn on the “grid” setting in your phone’s settings for your camera.