4 things you probably didn’t know about Egypt

When you think of Egypt, images of pyramids, mummies, piles of gold and pharaohs comes to mind. These are images that were popularized by books and movies, and they were definitely a part of ancient Egypt. However, this was not the only face of Egyptian civilization.

Egypt has always been a land shrouded in mysteries and legends, and on many occasions it is difficult to tell the difference between reality and myth. So it is very likely that there are many facts about the Land of the Pharaohs that you did not know. Test what you really know about Ancient Egypt by browsing through the four interesting facts below. How many of them surprise you?

4 things you probably didn’t know about Egypt

The oldest dress in the world was found in Egypt

In 1913, a garment was unearthed from an ancient Egyptian tomb in Tarkhan. In 2015, the radiocarbon dating carried out by Oxford University showed the garment to be around 5,500 years old, dating to 3482-3102 BCE. We then realized that it was, in fact, the oldest dress in the world. The garment, commonly referred to as the Tarkhan robe, is now located in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology at University College London.

The Great Pyramid was built by employees,

Contrary to popular belief, much of which was shaped by the famous classical historian, Herodotus, it is now claimed by many archaeologists that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was not built by tens of thousands of men. , women and children, forced to work in the hot sun. The truth, confirmed by archaeological evidence, is that this wonder of the world was built by paid employees. Around 5,000 permanent employees and around 20,000 temporary employees built the pyramid.

The oldest board game in the world was invented by the Egyptians

The Egyptians played a game known as Senet or Senat, considered to be the oldest board game in the world. The oldest game has been identified to date as early as 3100 BC. Senet has a board where there are three rows of ten squares each, which are called houses. Players throw a stick so that they can move pieces between squares. Various historians believe that Senet did not have proper rules of the game and that no one was clear what the rules were.

4 things you probably didn’t know about Egypt

Not all Egyptians were mummified when they died

Mummies are an integral part of ancient Egypt. These bandaged corpses have been greatly popularized by movies such as The Mummy franchise, various books, video games, and other pop culture items. However, the truth is that not all of the dead Egyptians were mummified, as mummification was a long and expensive process that only the super-rich could afford. When ordinary people died in Egypt, they were buried in pits in the desert.

Egypt is a land with a rich history and culture, and one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It’s no surprise that there are so many interesting facts about the earth and its people, and these are just a few of them! You can read it yourself to find out more.